Visiting Ridley Creek State Park

If you’re visiting Philadelphia but want a taste of nature, Ridley Creek is for you! Ridley Creek State Park trails are varied and the park has many options for all levels of nature lovers.

As always, follow the principles of leave no trace when you're out exploring! Pack out all trash, leave wildlife alone, and generally leave it better than you found it - for more information visit the Leave No Trace Center.
Looking at the namesake creek in Ridley Creek State Park

About Ridley Creek State Park

Ridley Creek is an over 2,600-acre park located in Delaware County, PA. The park is bisected by its namesake, Ridley Creek. It’s hard to believe it’s only 16 miles away from the super busy and urban Center City, Philadelphia.

I visited Ridley Creek on a weekday in the early spring. While not crowded, there were definitely people out enjoying the park despite the brisk weather. Dogs are allowed at Ridley Creek State park, but must be on leash.

The park is open from sunrise to sunset, every day of the year. This includes two sets of restrooms at picnic areas #7 and #17.

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Trails at Ridley Creek State Park

I hiked a 3 mile loop of the blue and white trails. This trail was fairly rated moderate, as it had about 500 ft of elevation gain and some tough footing. While it had just rained, the trails were not too muddy. It was a good hike, but if I had more time, I would have preferred a trail that followed the creek for longer.

Small signs of spring in late March in Ridley Creek State Park

If you’re looking for something longer, Ridley Creek has a ton of options.

  1. The 7.6 Yellow Trail is a good option, but is very muddy when it rains. (It’s also listed as a loop trail, but it’s not a proper loop – if you’re looking for different scenery the entire time this might not be the trail for you!).
  2. The 5.9 mile White Yellow and Blue loop trail is a true loop that runs along part of the park’s namesake creek.
  3. The White to Yellow 5.1 mile loop offers views of the Hunting Hill Mansion, a large country manor that is now used for weddings in Ridley Creek State Park. It features a handful of stream crossings, so be prepared to get your feet wet (and maybe pick a different trail after heavy rains).

All trails in Ridley Creek are very well marked but as always, I recommend downloading AllTrails, as the app can help you follow the trail. Getting the Pro version to have offline maps is recommended for all hikes, but I did have service throughout the entire park.

For a list of the trails in Ridley Creek State Park, visit AllTrails.

Walking over one of the many footbridges in Ridley Creek State Park
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Other Activities in Ridley Creek State Park

The park offers more than just hiking trails. Visitors can fish in the trout stocked creek or ride horses. Snowshoeing and cross country skiing is permitted in the winter.

Ridley Creek Park is home to the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation. Here, visitors can observe historical interpreters cooking and preserving period foods, processing textiles, tending field crops, and performing other chores 18th century farmers needed to survive.

As always, before you visit the park, make sure to check the PA DCNR website for any park closures or important information. Have fun!

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Post updated December 30, 2022

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