Beartown Rocks

Visit Beartown Rocks in Clear Creek State Forest for an amazing scenic overlook and amazing large boulders! Looking for a family friendly landmark to visit near Cook Forest State Park? Visit Beartown Rocks! Beartown Rocks is a collection of boulders created during the last Ice Age. According to Uncovering PA, “the constant freezing and thawing … Read more

A Weekend in The Pennsylvania Wilds

Looking to plan a three day weekend in the Pennsylvania Wilds? Keep reading for an itinerary to hit up three state parks, five waterfalls, and miles of awesome trails! Pennsylvania Wilds Itinerary How to Use this Itinerary This itinerary is for those who have never been to the Cook Forest/Clear Creek Area of the Pennsylvania … Read more

Rockland Tunnel

Want to do something totally different in Western Pennsylvania? Visiting Rockland Tunnel in Venango County is for you. This relic of the age of railroads has transformed into an admittedly creepy must-visit attraction. Read on for more! History of the Rockland Tunnel The Rockland Tunnel was formerly called the Woodhill Tunnel. The tunnel was created … Read more