Raccoon Creek State Park Wildflower Reserve

The Wildflower Reserve at Raccoon Creek State Park is one of the most beautiful places to hike in Pennsylvania!

A purple bell shaped flower
Beautiful flowers in the Wildflower Reserve at Raccoon Creek State Park

Looking to shake off winter days with spring flowers? Check out the Wildflower Reserve at Raccoon Creek. This amazing reserve is the largest flower reserve in Pennsylvania! I am honestly not a huge plant person, but my first trip to this park made me so interested in all of the different types of flowers!

Read on for more tips on visiting Raccoon Creek State Park’s Wildflower Reserve!

As always, follow the principles of leave no trace when you're out exploring! Pack out all trash, leave wildlife alone, and generally leave it better than you found it - for more information visit the Leave No Trace Center.

About the Wildflower Reserve

The Wildflower Reserve is part of Raccoon Creek State Park, located about thirty minutes west of downtown Pittsburgh in Beaver County. While the park itself is awesome, the Wildflower Reserve is something special. There are over 700 flower and plant species in the reserve.

Following the principles of LNT here is vital to preservation of the reserve. Take only pictures – do not pick any of the wildflowers under any circumstances!

A red trillium right in the Wildflower Reserve

The wildflower reserve is home to the trillium, a rare flower. I was so excited to see it when I visited in April 2023. Because this plant can be disturbed by even nearby activity, stay away from the flower! The above picture was taken from a safe distance with a zoom lens!

Trails in the Wildflower Reserve

The Wildflower Reserve has five of the 42 miles of hiking trails in Raccoon Creek State Park. It offers multiple trail options.

Hiking is relatively moderate in the Wildflower Reserve. There was minimal elevation gain, so it would be a good hike for beginner hikers (or little hikers with small legs!) Trail signage was easy to read and the area is not that big, so it’s tough to get lost. We found it to be somewhat muddy on a rainy day, so check trail conditions to make sure you have appropriate footwear and are not causing trail damage.

Exploring one of the trails in the Wildflower Reserve

I recommend taking the Jennings Trail out past the Hungerford Cabin and the Old Field Trail to the Henrici trail back to Cabin and starting point. The Jennings Trail has amazing flowers and then the Old Field Trail takes you close to the creek for some potential amphibian sightings!

To get a trail map, either stop at the park office on the way in or access it online via the park’s website.

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Best Time of Year to Visit the Wildflower Reserve

For your best chance to see the wildflower reserve in full bloom, visit between the end of April and the beginning of May. I visited in late April on a rainy day and it was great because the park was very empty and we got the flowers to ourselves.

However, if you miss that window, late summer/early fall is also a great time to visit the reserve, as all the fall flowers are in bloom then! This is defined as August through the beginning of September.

Flowers along a trail at the Wildflower Reserve
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there restrooms at the Wildflower Reserve at Raccoon Creek?

Yes, there are restrooms near the parking lot of the Wildflower Reserve.

Are dogs allowed at Raccoon Creek State Park?

Dogs are allowed in the park, but are not allowed in the Wildflower Reserve due to the sensitive nature of the plants

What is the address for the Wildflower Reserve?

Raccoon Creek Wildflower Reserve is located at 525 Lincoln Hwy, Clinton, PA 15026.

When is the Wildflower Reserve open?

The Reserve is open from sunrise to sunset.

What should I do after hiking at the Wildflower Reserve?

While there aren’t many places near Raccoon Creek, Hannah over at Hikes and Hops recommends checking out Fermata Brewing after your hike!

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Updated April 2, 2024

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